Omni Privacy Policy

We do not sell or share user data with third parties.

We currently collect three types of user data:

  1. Authentication information for logged-in users (email + Oauth token)
  2. Users can upload their own documents to our servers, either directly or via Google Drive integration. These documents will be indexed, stored on Omni servers and accessed only upon direct user request. Users can delete the data they upload at any time using the “Delete” button on the Manage Datasets page
  3. Log information: to help improve Omni, we collect data about how users use our servers including the query, the page they were on when they issued the query, the results they received.

Note on Google Drive Integration: For user convenience we provide an option to sync their Omni data with their Google Drive. We access only the Drive files the user has explicitly selected, and store copies on our servers. The copied files are accessed only when the user queries our server in order to provide relevant retrievals, and at no other time. Drive data is not shared with any other users unless the user explicitly sets their Drive dataset to “public”. Drive data can be deleted at any time just like any other user data using the “Delete” button on the Manage Datasets page.

If we make significant changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify all existing users by email and only continue using their data if they consent to the new policy.